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Meet The Team

monita triplett acupuncture

Monita Triplett 

Registered Acupuncturist
Holistic Nutritionist

I’m passionate about medicine that is natural, evidence-based & effective. Sessions with me are unique because I combine the healing methods I have learned to bring each patient personalized and comprehensive care. My goal is to treat the root cause of your health issues.

For decades I struggled with a long list of chronic health complaints and illness; hormonal issues, acne, digestive issues, anxiety, addictions and depression to name a few. After years of following the advice of doctors and realizing that conventional medicine does not get to the root cause and is only offering me pills and countless antibiotics, I decided to chose a different path that would transform my life.  It became clear to me that in order to fully heal I needed to learn how the human body works and how to take care and nourish my body.  So I made the decision to enroll in Chinese medicine and holistic nutrition school and that started my healing journey….

Where I believe disease comes from:​​

  • Pathogens & Stealth infections (lyme, Epstein Barr, Borrelia, H Pylori, parasites etc)

  • Environmental Chemicals/ Pesticides

  • Heavy metals (Lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium etc) 

  • Mold and mycotoxin exposure

  • Emotional Trauma 

  • Malnutrition


All epigenetic changes come from these places. Once you figure out the root cause you take a whole new healing perspective. 

My goal as a practitioner is to enlighten and educate. 

Things you may not know about me:

  • I love to forage mushrooms, and other medicinals

  • I began my own business as a nutritionist and acupuncturist downtown Vancouver in 2011

  • I am an avid trampoline gymnast

  • I am originally from Kamloops, BC, where I attended Thompson Rivers University ( I had a major in Sociology and Minor in Anthropology).

  • I like to Skateboard 

  • I am learning to hunt

  • I grow hydroponic fruits and vegetables

  • I am a world traveller and have been to many places including India, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rica etc..

  • I am half East Indian

  • I will never get botox and embrace aging naturally.

  • I love to read research journals and listen to podcasts.

  • I am driven by curiosity and the pursuit of pleasure.

I would love to meet you and help you improve your quality of life.

“Treatments with Monita helped me a great deal and I am intensely grateful” – Naomi Klein ( Author and filmmaker).


4 year diploma - Acupuncture/TCM  (Shanghai TCM College)

Holistic Nutrition (CSNN)

Counseling Hypnotherapy (Orca Hypnotherapy)

Reflexology diploma (Touchpoint)

Birth Doula (Wise Woman way of Birth Doula)

Acupoint Injection therapy (ARIABC)

Phlebotomy Certification (Stenberg College)

elle bryson rmt

Elle Bryson

Registered Massage Therapist

After a rewarding career in yoga and caring for the bodies of others for nearly 10 years, Elle began her RMT career with experienced hands. 

A certified anatomy nerd, Elle is a graduate from the 3400-hour RMT program and has been passionate about the inner workings of the human form for many years. 

Elle’s areas of interest include TMJ issues; breathing disorders; myofascial release; mental health experiences including anxiety & PTSD; traumatic brain injury; MVAs; post-concussion syndrome; end of life care; as well as the daily maintenance of the physical human experience.

sabine montagnon rac

Sabine Montagnon
Registered Acupuncturist

Sabine is passionate about helping people achieve homeostasis by building productive communications between body and mind through



She remains deeply committed to looking at the body as a

whole and assisting patients in achieving their individual health goals.

A strong advocate of listening and understanding one’s own body, she

encourages her patients to take active authority over their own health, thus insuring personalized treatments for each of her clients.

Through active dialogue and expansive expertise, she provides each of her

patients with effective and sustaining solutions.

ashley wiley massage

Ashley Wiley
Massage Therapist

(Not Registered)

Ashley is a graduate of The West Coast College Of Massage Therapy and has been practicing massage therapy since 2010.

Throughout her career, she has gained experience in various settings, including clinics and private practices on Vancouver Island.

Ashley has a deep passion for massage and manual therapy techniques and is dedicated to helping her clients recover and thrive.

She specializes in working with the lymphatic and nervous systems, utilizing a range of massage techniques to tailor treatments that align with her clients' goals.


Brendan Lattimer
Registered Massage Therapist

Brendan has a deep-rooted passion for sports and athletics. He played college football and premiere level baseball as well as playing soccer, basketball, and tennis. He graduated from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Previously he was a certified personal trainer and has coached both football and baseball.

A treatment with Brendan can be quite diverse. He prides himself on having very strong hands and is most comfortable working with deep, precise pressure. Throughout his time at VCMT he developed an appreciation for relaxation treatments as well. Understanding that helping a person let go of their stress can be invaluable.

In his spare time, Brendan loves to travel. He spent over three years traveling before starting RMT school. He still loves to play, enjoying ocean dips and a variety of recreational sports.

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