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 Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)

RMT massage qualicum


Massage therapy is the assessment and treatment of the soft tissue and joints of the body by hands on manipulation. It can be used to treat a variety of conditions or as part of a maintenance program. 

A registered massage therapist (RMT) is a professional registered with the Canadian Massage therapist Alliance (CMTA). 

An RMT's designation allows them to perform massage therapies for the treatment of many conditions such as lower back pain, inflammation, arthritis, injuries etc.

RMTs play a vital role in our healthcare system.


At Qualicum Beach Integrated Health we believe in customizing therapies for each client, ensuring that we effectively address their concerns and complaints. Our goal is to curate a personalized treatment plan that will improve your quality of life.

Popular massage techniques 

Swedish massage

One of the most common massage techniques is Swedish Massage. This involves a whole-body therapeutic massage designed to relax the muscles and joints. 

Deep Tissue Massage 

This style of massage involves more pressure, it is more focussed on breaking down scar tissue and adhesions (muscle knots).  These muscle knots can cause inflammation and circulation issues. 


Sports Massage therapy

This type of massage therapy is most beneficial to a person who engages in regular physical activity. It was created to assist in correcting imbalances in soft tissue that are caused by repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma. The massage is typically done after exercise or activity to relieve pain or tension.  

Trigger Point Massage (myofacial trigger points)

A trigger point is a small, tight area in the taut band of muscle fibers and fascia, which restricts blood flow to the area and causes pain. Also known as contraction knots, trigger points become so tight, in fact, that they can be felt underneath the skin. They are typically very sensitive, causing a severe amount of pain that seems out of proportion to the pressure being applied.

Myofascial Massage works to release a trigger point by pushing fresh blood in and flushing waste material out. This helps relieve some of your pain by bringing more oxygen into the area and encouraging the muscles to release.

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