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PARA 1 - CellCore Biosciences - 120 capsules


Para 1 is CellCore’s flagship immune and digestive support supplement, made from 100% pure Mimosa pudica seed.* 

Naturally gelatinous, Para 1 becomes jelly-like and sticky as it makes its way through the GI tract. This encourages the removal of occasional intestinal buildup, supports the gut microbiome, and promotes the body’s natural ability to detoxify.


Product FAQ's


Can I take Para 1 alongside other CellCore Products? 


We recommend taking Para 1 one hour away from all binders (BioToxin Binder, Carboxy, HM-ET Binder, and ViRadChem Binder), as the binders can cause Para 1 to lose its effectiveness. All other CellCore products can be taken alongside Para 1.


How's Para 1 different from Para 2, Para 3, and Para 4? 

Para 1 is 100% pure Mimosa pudica seed. Para 2 and 4 are encapsulated herbal blends that target different areas to overall support digestive and immune system health. Para 3 is a liquid tincture that’s more potent than the other Para products, as it travels systemically to target a variety of toxins/parasites.


Does Para 1 have to be taken with or without food? 

Para 1 can be taken with or without food. For maximum potency, we recommend taking it between meals. 

Does Para 1 interact with medication?

Always consult a licensed healthcare practitioner when introducing a new supplement to your routine. As a general guideline, it’s recommended to take all supplements at least two hours away from prescription medications


Para 1 is sticky. How can I take this product if I want to open the capsule? 

Due to the sticky properties of the Para 1, it cannot be taken with water if the capsule is opened up. We recommend taking it in food substances like honey, olive oil, or even syrup. This makes it so your body can digest the Para 1 and it isn’t too sticky to swallow.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

PARA 1 - CellCore Biosciences

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