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Advanced TUDCA - 60 caps


TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic acid) is a water-soluble bile acid and liver helper. It's present in small amounts in your bile, which is produced by your liver. TUDCA helps stimulate the release of bile into your gut and detox a whole range of potentially harmful substances, including those generated during metabolic processes and contaminants from your food and the environment.


TUDCA  is formulated to enhance liver and digestive function while promoting glutathione synthesis to reduce oxidative stress throughout the body.


Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, or TUDCA for short, is a natural component of your bile that boasts a long list of potential health benefits all by itself. But combine it with other synergistic compounds, and its perks are multiplied.


The superstar team-up of TUDCA, melatonin, and NAC, help increase the flow of bile so toxins aren’t remaining stagnant in the liver to cause damage. They assist in protecting liver cells and combat mitochondrial stress. It can help prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver.


Together, these ingredients also help to lower systemic inflammation and prevent free radical damage by encouraging your body to produce more glutathione and other “in-house” antioxidants.

This trio also works to enhance your digestive and microbiome health by helping protect the gut wall from damage and aid in reducing “leaky gut” syndrome. It can help regulate gut motility and calm inflammation in the GI tract.


These components are backed by BioActive Carbon to help protect the constituents through the digestive process so they are fully active as they reach the intestines. BioActive Carbons also work to bind and aid in the removal of toxins that your bile is trying to purge.

TUDCA to the Rescue


There are 6 ways that TUDCA goes to work right away as you start implementing it into your health plan:


  • TUDCA Stimulates Bile Flow
  • TUDCA Helps The Mitochondria In Your Liver Tissue
  • TUDCA Reduces Liver Enzymes
  • TUDCA Helps Heal The Liver Bile Duct
  • TUDCA Helps Your Intestines
  • TUDCA Helps Protect You From Viruses




This vital component of liver bile helps to break down fats and aids in regulating glucose levels. TUDCA works to establish better gut health by reducing the inflammation in the GI tract that can contribute to leaky gut syndrome. The microbes in the gut are also a benefactor of TUDCA, as it can help with biodiversity.

TUDCA can also help to safeguard your cells from the damage that can be a result of heavy metal toxicity. It helps to reduce cellular stress and protect DNA.



NAC is a form of the amino acid cysteine and has long been associated with protecting the liver. It is a precursor to glutathione, your body’s master antioxidant. It can help “recycle” other antioxidants, and helps to reduce oxidative stress in the liver, but systematically as well. Studies suggest that it may provide an extra layer of protection from viruses.



This natural hormone is often related to sleep but has a long list of benefits in the body. It can help normalize gut movement and can help inhibit bad microbes from multiplying in the GI tract. It is vital for brain health, and immune system regulation. 

Melatonin can help upregulate detoxification and also encourages the production of your natural production of antioxidants. This can help protect cells from the effects of heavy metal toxicity and other chemicals. 

Melatonin can also help lower blood glucose levels and may increase cardiovascular health.



This products uses long- and short-chain BioActive Carbon molecules, which have the ability to support life. These BioActive Carbon molecules are extracts of humic and fulvic acids and are designed to work systematically in the body. These molecules bind with toxins in the body and, in addition to chelating them, leverage their ability to support life by repairing as they chelate.


BioActive Carbon molecules undergo a three-step proprietary process in which other molecules are attached to enhance their overall efficacy and ability to support the body as it removes biotoxins. These processes ensure that the molecules and their beneficial elements get where they need to go in the body without dissipation or loss of efficacy on the journey.

In short, BioActive Carbon is included because it binds, restores directs and protects.





Take one capsule two times daily or as otherwise directed by a healthcare practitioner.



Take up to two capsules two times daily or as otherwise directed by your healthcare practitioner.



Reduce dosage to one capsule once daily with food.


Toddler Under 50 lbs.

Take one-half capsule twice daily in the morning and evening with food.


Child Between 50 - 125 lbs

Take one capsule twice daily.


                                                  PRODUCT FAQ's


1. Can I take this product with other supplement/prescription medications? 

Yes, but make sure to keep it 2 hours away from prescription medication to ensure no interactions between our products and the prescription.


2. Does this product contain GLUTEN or other animal bioproducts? 

No, all of our products are gluten free and do not contain animal byproducts. We list all of our ingredients on each of our product pages.


4. Is Tudca source from BEAR or BULL Bile? 

TUDCA Plus is not sourced from bear or bull bile.


5. What process of the liver does this product effect? 

Phase one (free radical production), two (activation of enzymatic processes), and three (transfer of hepatic toxins out of the liver), as opposed to traditional TUDCA which only supports phase three of the liver function.


6. How do I take this product? 

We recommend one (1) capsule twice (2x) daily, and two (2) capsules twice (2x) daily for those who are in need of additional support. It may be taken with or without food. If you do not have a gall bladder, take with food to aid in the digestive process.


7. How does Tudca fit into the detox protocol? 

TUDCA Plus can be incorporated at any point in your detoxification protocol and produce positive results.




TUDCA - Cellcore Biosciences

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  • Formulated with Carbon Technology

    Carbon Technology is a proprietary blend of fulvic acids and polysaccharides that support cellular repair and the body’s natural ability to detoxify.* With a low pH, Carbon Technology also helps protect ingredients from being digested by stomach acid, so that they remain intact as they enter the desired location in the body.

    All of our supplements are formulated with Carbon Technology, with the exception of Para 1, Para 3

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